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Innovative Construction Pathways

Wed Jul 21, 2021

Coundown Until digital summit

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Innovative Construction Pathways

Tech & Trends Reshaping Northeast Development

Wednesday July 21 2021 | 9:00 AM EDT


Digital Summit Speakers and Panels

Jamil Lacourt

Jamil Lacourt

EVP, Director of Construction, L&L Holding Company
William Sproule

William Sproule

Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

Why This Matters

What you'll learn:                    

  • Key strategies to address the rising cost of construction materials.      
  • How to kick start bold projects right now, while construction labor costs remain low.
  • Where lenders are looking to finance construction and development projects.      
  • How to leverage new technology to develop a better tenant experience.
  • The public-private partnerships bringing wind, 5G and infrastructure projects to life in the Northeast.

How you'll do more business: Learn how to shape your development gameplan to meet new demands in the Northeast. Hear from experts as they discuss new materials, technologies and  financing strategies to enhance construction processes and building quality. Understand what it will take to make the most of the cutting edge developments in wind energy, 5G and new infrastructure hitting the Northeast.             

Who attends: Developers, owners, architects, general contractors, lawyers, consultants, public officials and other construction and development professionals

What does your ticket get you: Access to all live content, panel replays on-demand, and live networking that is dynamic and actually useful. Networking tools include direct messaging, lobby chat and speed networking which have led to over 3,000 matches this year.

Why should you attend: Construction was down 21% in Q1; strategize how to secure more projects and what it will take to realize new development projects in the short to medium term. Get insight on how government funding will stimulate new infrastructure improvement projects in the Tri-state area.


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9:00 AM
Early Access
9:00 AM
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Pre-Event Networking
9:30 AM
10:15 AM
Innovations in Construction: Employing Efficiency through Materials & Tech
New technology is taking hold of construction. How can this technology be used to improve project outcomes?
How do new materials help with sustainability initiatives and tenant engagement objectives?
How are top developers addressing the rising cost of materials? What is the anticipated outlook on the lower cost of construction labor?
10:15 AM
10:45 AM
Speed Networking
10:45 AM
11:30 AM
Construction & Capital: Accessing Financing For All Project Types
What are the active lenders in construction looking to finance?
How have capital stack and capital requirements changed over the past year?
How are lenders and borrowers navigating the rising cost of construction?
11:30 AM
12:15 PM
Construction in the Northeast Corridor: 5G, Wind Energy and Infrastructure Improvements
How will the 5G roll out impact new and existing buildings? How should older buildings navigate retrofits to accommodate this new technology?
As wind energy continues to expand on the east coast, what can developers do to incorporate wind into NYC real estate operations?
How will improved infrastructure plans influence future development in NYC and in New Jersey?
12:15 PM
12:30 PM
Post-Panel Networking