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Office Space Revolution Comes to SE Suburbs

The office space revolution isn't confined to urban areas--suburban tenants want the innovative space, too. That's why we're excited to host our Bisnow Future of Southeast Suburban next Tuesday, Jan. 27, starting at 7:30am at the Inverness Hotel.


The Southeast Suburban office market is seeing "dramatic change," according to Prime West Cos CEO Steve Clarke, who will be a speaker. Today’s tenants and their employees demand a sustainably designed building with a flexible floorplate and a robust array of walkable amenities, including restaurants, fitness centers and financial services. And even though it's the suburbs, they want transit, too, in the form of immediate access to light rail and bus service. (Everybody got really demanding in a hurry.) Prime West's 318k SF One Belleview Station (below) will be a two-minute walk or less to the Belleview light-rail station and the RTD regional bus hub, near the intersection of East Belleview Avenue and I-25, when it opens next year.


Steve adds that tenants also want indoor/outdoor gathering/meeting space as well as maximum WiFi and Internet capabilities. "Our research, and that of others, indicates that demand in the Southeast suburban office market exists for those buildings that can meet all of these expectations,” he says. Join us at the Future of Southeast Suburban on Jan. 27, starting at 7:30am at the Inverness Hotel. (Register here.)