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Would The Demise Of The Affordable Care Act Mean More Healthcare Development?

The great unknown hanging over the healthcare real estate industry now is what happens to the Affordable Care Act. The devil will be in the details, and the question will be front and center at the Denver Healthcare Development & Expansion Conference on Dec. 7.


Northstar Commercial Partners founder and CEO Brian Watson, who will be a speaker at the event, tells us in the past several years, whether intended or not under the ACA, "we have witnessed a slowdown on new medical facilities and build-outs nationwide. This space tends to be consolidating and not growing, per the outline and vision of how the ACA was structured. 

"If the ACA gets repealed and replaced with something more private and competitive, it's quite possible that we'll see more centers/clinics/facilities where patients can get good care closer to their neighborhoods and communities."


"Of course, no matter what, whether it's directly in healthcare or the accommodating CRE space, any way forward should focus on better access and more affordable care," Brian says. "Repeal or not, we're thinking in an innovative manner with our partners in the healthcare industry and will always keep our focus creative and solutions-driven."

Find out more at the Denver Healthcare Development & Expansion Conference at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel on Dec. 7, beginning at 7:30am with breakfast and schmoozing.