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Denver Draws The Largest Share Of Renters Moving From Out Of State


Denver draws the largest share of renters moving from afar, according to new data from Apartment List.

The report attributes Denver's attractiveness to renters flocking to the city's years-long tech boom. And, as the tech industry falls under increased scrutiny, "Denver area startups are finding it increasingly important to attract workers with policy backgrounds and connections," the report said. 


Approximately 48% of people moving to Denver are coming from outside of the metro, the report says. Baltimore is a close second at 47%, and Tampa, Florida, and San Diego are tied for third at 44%. Of those moving to Denver from outside the metro, most are coming from Washington, or about 10%. Second is Chicago, at 4.7%, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 3.8%. 

Not as many renters are moving from California to Denver as you might think. Only 0.5% of Apartment List's California users looking for places in Denver currently live in Sacramento, 2.4% live in San Francisco, 3.4% live in Los Angeles and 0.7% live in San Diego.

That list puts Denver 14th of metros that renters are looking to leave. Orlando, Florida and Riverside, California, top that list at 50%, while Denver is at 31%. This means of all the users looking at Apartment List who currently live in those places, that percentage of them are looking to leave the metro. 

The results of this Apartment List study are based on data gathered between June 1, 2019, and Dec. 31, 2019. It includes data from registered and unregistered users.

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