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Survey Finds Support For Denver's Affordable Housing Fund


Denver voters strongly support both Denver’s new affordable housing fund and new policies designed to protect renters, according to a survey from affordable housing specialist Enterprise Community Partners and the local nonprofit All In Denver.

Nearly three out of four respondents — 74%, with 51% in "strong support" — backed the mayor’s and city council’s 2016 action to establish a dedicated fund for affordable housing. Also, 75% of survey participants said they would support the City of Denver issuing bonds on the $150M affordable housing fund created last September, and 67% said they would support issuing bonds to build a $300M fund, which would entail a tax increase.

Also, 82% supported a policy that would prevent landlords from making a profit on application fees by requiring fees not exceed the combined cost of a credit check and a background check. And 79% supported changing the law so landlords would need to show good cause to evict tenants, defined as a serious or repeated violation of the lease, crime or drug activity or failure to vacate following a condition that leaves the unit uninhabitable.

The survey, commissioned by Enterprise, was conducted in February via a live telephone survey of 402 likely November 2018 voters in Denver.