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Southwest Center Mall Is Getting A Facelift, And A New Development


Dallas investor Peter Brodsky has hired Corinth Properties to help redevelop the Southwest Center Mall in south Dallas. The goal is to be a first-rate community amenity by transforming the aging mall into a high-quality, family-oriented retail, entertainment and dining destination.

Southwest Center Mall sits on 90 acres that's also slated to be developed into a mixed-use project with retail, entertainment and a residential component, according to the Dallas Business Journal. The property was called a “diamond in the rough” by the founder of Corinth Properties.

Located at the intersection of US Highway 67 and I-20, Southwest Center Mall is the only mall in the southern half of Dallas. It’s gone through several hands, however, and has been neglected since the early 1990s. Large tracts of stores sit empty and there are few national department stores or chains.

The update is expected to bring a resurgence of life to the area with new shops and green, walkable spaces.

To match the new facelift, the mall may also get a new name—Red Bird Mall. But that decision hasn’t been formally made yet. [DBJ]