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Omnichannel Or Bust

In a world where you can have all your needs overnighted to your front door by Amazon, we’re all bound to become fat, dumb and lazy. Right? Retail gurus know better. And while you might not convince those crotchety naysayers who believe the internet is ruining America, The Weitzman Group’s executive chairman, Herb Weitzman, Lincoln Property EVP Robert Dozier and MGHerring Group CEO Gar Herring all agree the internet is helping retailerssmart retailers, at least. Hear more insight from these panelists and others at our retail forum on June 15.


Strong retailers use e-commerce to go omnichannel. “E-commerce is a good thing for retail,” Robert tells us. “They’re hand and glove; they must coexist.”

Many retail brands have evolved to the success of both their online and brick-and-mortar presence. Stores may be getting smaller and farther away from each other, but that’s often an indication that they’re investing more in omnichannel.

“Younger shoppers now think of retailers as a brand, not as a brick-and-mortar,” Gar says.

Even types of retail previously thought to be impenetrable by e-commerce must now adapt.

“Grocers are rolling out delivery and click-and-pickup,” Herb (pictured) tells us. “All of our retail concepts are working to step up their game.”

And while “innovate or die” has always been a harsh truth for retail, this evolution in the market makes for better shopping. Gar, Herb and Robert remain excited about the future of retail in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Rendering of The Star in Frisco

“The amount of growth happening in the Frisco area alone (where Lincoln Property is working on the new Dallas Cowboys HQ/mixed-use, The Star) is exciting,” Robert tells us. “Retail is creating opportunity and exciting changes in this neighborhood.”

But not all retail can keep up.

“A projects are getting stronger,” Gar tells us. “B projects are struggling, and C projects are being forced out.”

I bet Charles Darwin never thought his theories would be calling the shots in the shopping sector. Learn more from these industry leaders and get your tickets now.