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John Zogg On Developing Offices For The Future

Business owners and employees have a lot of ideas about how they want to work. They want flexibility in schedules, floor plans and amenities. But they need someone like Crescent managing director John Zogg in their corner to actually make their office environment reflect those desires. Hear John's thoughts on the future of workspaces at our Dallas Workplace of the Future event tomorrow.


A few words and phrases get thrown around a lot when discussing ideal work environments: open, mixed-use, flexible, collaboration, amenities, sustainability. But rather than thinking about any of those things first, John (above with his parents) thinks about employees. 

"Dallas' biggest asset is its employees," he tells us. "Where's the best place to recruit and retain talent?"

John would argue Uptown, but the broader answer is a walkable, vibrant neighborhood


Business owners can put their own stamp and design on the part of the building they're leasing all they want, but if the space isn't where employees want to be, they're already struggling.

John plays a large role in not only building new offices (like McKinney & Olive, above) but also in renovating existing buildings (like The Crescent). John and his team prioritize a few things in both new and renovation projects. Outward facing buildings that have a clear relationship with the space around the structure, mixed-use retail or dining to attract foot traffic, vibrancy in common areas, and amenities both inside and outside a building's walls.

As for the most essential amenity? John says McKinney & Olive, The Crescent and even his own office need an abundance of light and sunshine

Hear more from John tomorrow. Register here.

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