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How To Make Employees Feel Safer


Many office employees return to work this morning for the first time since Thursday night's attack in Downtown Dallas, and owners and tenants are asking themselves how they can help their employees to feel safe amidst continued threats, especially after open carry took effect in January. Younger Partners property management division president Greg Grainger shares some tips.

1. Increase communication with tenants regarding potential threats.

In multi-tenant buildings, keep communication open. Tenants should tell owner/operators when they go through layoffs, have a disgruntled employee or have other reason to suspect violence. During those times, share photos of the person(s) of interest with security guards and consider implementing nighttime security measures during regular business hours.


2. Filter all visitors through one entry.

For buildings that are open to the public, creating one entrance in which visitors can enter allows operators to place higher security at that entrance with guards or cameras. 

3. Create barriers to entry.

Every opportunity you can engage potential shooters or threats to your building with barriers to entry increases the likelihood that employees stay safe, Greg tells us. Consider implementing a mandatory visitor badge to make it to elevators, a security guard who asks where visitors are headed or a turnstile at which visitors must input an access card.

4. Create active shooter emergency plans.

The Department of Homeland Security has resources on active shooter protocols. Create an escape and lockdown plan in case of emergency, share with all tenants and perform routine drills.  

5. Encourage employees to see safety as an individual responsibility.

Remind employees to be smart about their surroundings, especially in parking garages and scarcely populated areas. Encourage them to speak up when they see something unusual.