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How Residents Feel About The Economy

Dallas skyline at night

Living is pretty easy in DFW, according to Charles Schwab's poll of 1,000 local residents on their feelings on the DFW economy and how it impacts their financial standing. The survey found that 96% of DFW residents think the local economy will grow at the same pace or faster than the overall US economy, raising the question "What is the other 4% thinking?" 

DFW residents expect to pay $225k for a 2,500 SF home. (Yeah, OK.) One-quarter of residents plan to buy a new home in the next two years, and two-thirds expect the value of their home in five years to be higher than today.

They say it takes an average net worth of $2M to be “wealthy” in DFW, compared to $3M in the country overall. And respondents feel it takes a net worth of $450k to be considered “financially comfortable,” compared to the nearly $1M it takes in the rest of the country.

25% of DFW residents prefer to live in North Dallas burbs and 15% prefer Fort Worth, which seems low compared to the population growth happening in Collin County.

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