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Expert Advice On Building Successful Data Centers


Data centers are part real estate and part technology, both of which require serious planning to deliver. Panelists at Bisnow's DICE event last week shared quick tips about what makes their data center projects successful. 

Coordination amongst teams is essential, KPOST Roofing & Waterproofing VP Ryan Little says. Keeping your structural, design, cooling and development teams on the same page allows you to deliver on time. If you don't chase speed, you won't catch it, Ryan says.

Getting all equipment and parts ordered on time is one of the biggest challenges Stream Data Centers VP Robert Fulford faces. Without keeping to an ordering schedule, flexibility becomes tough.

Things will go wrong, Air Enterprises VP John Kolar says. Managing client expectations and communicating with the various project teams allows you to react with agility and make necessary adjustments such as delivering in phases

Here are John, Robert, panel moderator Structure Tone Southwest project manager Lou Cardenas and Ryan.