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Twin Brothers To Open Boutique Downtown Hotel With Micro-Room Concept

When 27-year-old twins Blake and Brandon Shirk traveled the world in their youth, they made a mental note of what seasoned travelers and explorers look for in hotel accommodations. 

Rendering of the boutique SOVA Hotel in Downtown Dallas.

They want comfortable beds and lush surroundings, the Shirk brothers found, but they also often want cheaper rooms so they can spend more money on local exploration and entertainment. 

With that in mind, the two brothers conceptualized SOVA, what they refer to as a luxury social hotel with micro-rooms, at 2105 Commerce St. in Downtown Dallas.

Guests who stay at SOVA when it opens next month will enjoy luxury surroundings, an on-site bar with social activities in and around the facility and modern rooms curated with materials from around the world. 

The brothers are offsetting the cost of this environment by cutting the rooms down. The SOVA will offer micro-rooms built in the 115 SF to 130 SF range. Average hotel rooms generally fall in the 190 SF to 230 SF range, Blake said.

Guests of SOVA will be paying roughly 30% under the current Downtown Dallas room night rates to access one of these rooms. Dallas room rates for luxury-level hotels can fall anywhere from $150 to $350 per night, according to TripAdvisor data. Larger hotel rooms also are available for those willing to pay typical room rates. 

"We wanted it to be at a very competitive price, but also to feel luxurious and to feel modern and have a thoughtful design," Brandon said. "How we have luxury elements and more modern design is by having smaller spaces. You get the lower rate because the room is smaller but this enables us to pack in really cool stuff that we source from around the world that we saw in our travels."

The twins searched Dallas for a site and finally settled on Commerce Street since it puts guests within walking distance of three distinct Downtown neighborhoods: the traditional Downtown, Deep Ellum and the Farmers Market. 

"We designed it for the modern traveler," Blake said. "That can be anyone that just wants to get out of the room and explore the city."

The twins incorporate eclectic items they came to love in their travels, from Japanese bidets to sheets sourced from Austria and shampoos from Greece. Each room features items sourced from 50 countries around the globe. 

Blake and Brandon plan to occasionally staff the bar and check-in areas themselves to offer input on activities available to guests inside the hotel and in Downtown Dallas. 

"We wanted to be on the ground floor to help shape the culture because I think we have a very unique culture with this emphasis on being served by travel guides who not only know the best places to go but who are excited to share the best places to go," Blake said.  

The pair are finalizing the hotel's build-out this month with the expectation of opening its doors in June.