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CEO Secrets: 15 Things You Didn't Know About These Chief Execs

These CEOs run some of the biggest companies in the industry, but they're more than ROI and employee hires. We learned more about the inner workings and personal flair of the execs spearheading Granite, Monogram, Boxer and HKS.

Monogram Residential Trust CEO Mark Alfieri


2016 Goals: Grow the company, increase our exposure to our core markets and deliver results in the top quartile of our peer group

Current Strategy/Deal Flow: Primarily focused on new development. We would like to reduce our exposure to non-coastal markets.

Market Insight: Fundamentals remain very strong. Homeownership is the primary metric to watch. If it continues to decline, 2016 will be another banner year. If it increases, you will have decelerating growth.

Bullish on: Coastal markets

Favorite Food: Italian, go figure

Last Vacation: Can’t remember the last real vacation, but we took a couple of days in Watersound, FL, recently.

Kids/family: Youngest graduates college this year!! Hooray!

Alma Mater: Texas A&M

How long running the company: 10 years

Career Highlight: Ringing the bell on the NYSE

First Job: Shoe salesman

Best present ever received: My dad gave me his watch just before he passed.

Dessert you can’t resist: Del Frisco’s lemon cake

Go-to order at happy hour: Scotch

Secret Talent: Guitar

Boxer Property CEO Andrew Segal


How Long You've Been at the Helm: 23 years

2016 Goal: 199 pounds

Current Strategy: Keeping sales and purchases in balance

Ongoing Big Deal: Building out Boxer Workstyle

Market Insight: Watch out for inflation! (Disclaimer: I have been incorrect about this since 2005.)

Favorite Food: Chicken Vindaloo

Last Vacation: The Florida Keys

Kids: Two boys and a girl

Alma Mater: USC/ NYU LAW

Career Highlight: Expected anytime soon

First Job Summer: Camp counselor at a ranch camp in Arizona

Best present ever received: Cash (from my grandmother)

Dessert you can’t resist: Chocolate

Go-to order at happy hour: Second-cheapest wine

Secret Talent: All of my talents are still secret.

Granite Properties CEO Michael Dardick


2016 Goal: Continue to get closer to our customers.

Current Strategy/Deal Flow: Current deal flow includes a little bit of everything across our markets; ground-up developments, acquisitions, repurposing and disposition.

Market Insight: We are at the point of the cycle where everyone asks “what part of the cycle are we in?”

Bullish on: USA

Favorite Food: Ahi Tuna

Last Vacation: Colorado mountains

Kids: Two fantastic boys ages 21 and 17

Alma Mater: Mizzou/University of Missouri

How long running the company: 24 years; since inception

Career Highlight: Granite being selected No. 1 in the country as Great Place to Work by Fortune magazine.

First Job: Management trainee at a bank.

Best present ever received: Trip to go see U2 in concert!

Go-to order at happy hour: Bourbon on the rocks…splash of water!

Secret Talent: Can make balloon animals!

HKS Architects CEO/president Dan Noble


2016 Goal: To continue to grow the HKS brand through improved quality and value-added design solutions and to attract and hire the best available talent.

Market Insight: The market looks very strong for the next 12 months, beyond that it’s hard to predict. The economy can be tenuous and we need to stay nimble in order to quickly respond to changes.

Bullish on: The immediate future and our ability to deliver quality value design solutions to our clients…to be an ally in helping them achieve their goals.

Favorite Food: Grilled chicken

Last Vacation: Central Europe

Kids: Riley & Jennie

Alma Mater: NDSU

How long running the company: Two years

Career Highlight: Having the privilege of leading HKS

First Job: Cleaning golf clubs at the local golf course in Aberdeen, SD.

Best present ever received: Healthy and happy family

Dessert you can’t resist: Crème Brulee

Go-to order at happy hour: Scotch on the rocks with a splash

Secret Talent: Whistling

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