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How Bisnow's Newest Sales Rep Went From Playing Cops And Robbers To Closing Deals

Every morning, Adam Keith takes a trip to the barre. An avid follower of the Bar Method, a high-intensity fitness class, it is his way of beginning each day with a challenge.

Keith’s love of challenges and solving problems led him to become the latest addition to Bisnow Texas’ growing sales team, where he will help expand the team’s footprint in the commercial real estate community.

“I like helping people,” Keith said. “Dallas is a fast-growing city and there are many exciting projects being built. I am excited to join the Bisnow team and help connect professionals in the industry with others who can help them reach their goals.”

Bisnow CEO Will Friend, LAZ Parking's Marcelo Unterbug, Bisnow Vice President Greg Cox and sales rep Adam Keith, LAZ Parking's Jason Groen and DFW Airport's John Terrell at Bisnow's Road To Riches: The 121 Corridor! event in Dallas

Prior to Bisnow, Keith worked for an HVAC company. But the Southeast Londoner-turned-Texan wasn’t always involved in commercial real estate. He originally studied to become a barber, before spending a few years as a London police constable. Keith later found himself back in personal grooming, this time as one of the most sought-after barbers in the world, appearing in The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and GQ.

When Keith was given the opportunity to travel to the U.S. in his men’s grooming role, he took it. But the move would once again shift his job path.

“I met my future wife in Dallas, and so I stayed,” Keith said. “The company would move on but I stayed here and decided to retool my career.”

He enrolled in Southern Methodist University, where he studied Management and Ethics. It is also where he discovered his interest in HVAC after an internship. Keith educated himself on the technical aspects of heating and cooling systems, from refrigerant to mechanical issues, and learned about the importance of HVAC in the life cycle of a commercial building.

“It’s the ‘underwear’ of the building,” Keith said. “People don’t see it but it is essential infrastructure."

Bisnow Texas sales rep Adam Keith in his police constable uniform

He also surrounded himself with experts. Keith’s wife, a licensed architect, has an uncle in the construction industry, and he helped introduce Keith to the developers, general contractors and real estate professionals in Dallas. His expanding network of CRE professionals allowed him to bring the right people together to solve problems. If Keith meets a developer who wants to build a medical office space, for instance, he can put that person in touch with a good general contractor he knows from his days working in HVAC.

It is a skill that he will apply to his Bisnow role, building speaker panels for events that have the right mix of professionals from a variety of real estate backgrounds.

Keith’s eclectic collection of experiences taught him another skill that is often overlooked in an industry full of power brokers and large personalities: listening to the customer. The key to solving a problem for a client is all about learning their pain points.

“You really got to listen to the client about their concerns,” Keith said. “You need to investigate, like a policeman. You’ve got two ears and one mouth. Use them appropriately.”

Bisnow Texas sales rep Adam Keith in a news clipping on shaving advice

Keith sees his Bisnow role as an opportunity to continue learning about commercial real estate while strengthening the team’s existing relationships and forging new ones. With an eye toward the future of the growing Dallas skyline, he wants to highlight the developers of exciting new projects and know the ins and outs of the market.

“I want to connect with these real estate leaders who maybe haven’t heard of Bisnow and show them how we can help connect, inform and strengthen their community,” Keith said.

When he isn’t mastering Texas CRE, Keith challenges himself with home improvement projects. He recently restored a set of 1950s vintage chairs and single-handedly installed a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split air conditioning system in his garage. It is all about working with his hands, jumping into the moment and learning new things.

It is a passion that Keith feels will serve him well as he continues to help build Bisnow’s Texas presence.

Want to get in touch with Adam Keith? Contact him at or (469) 865-9865.