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5 Things You Need To Know About Bisnow's New Texas Team

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Greg Cox and Kim Schell in Houston

Bisnow recently welcomed two new faces to the Texas sales team. Kim Schell joined the company as a Houston business manager and Greg Cox came on board as vice president of sales, overseeing the Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix and Denver markets. 

Cox and Schell both came to Bisnow from the Houston Business Journal. Cox began his career in the restaurant business, but his passion for sales and media really took off when he joined the Alvin Sun-Advertiser in Alvin, Texas, to sell advertisements. He later spent time as an advertising director at Hearst in Houston.

Schell was born and raised in New York, but she has lived and breathed Houston media since college. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in marketing, and held account executive positions at the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Business Journal. 

“In the past, Bisnow has struggled to hire the experience that Kim and Greg bring to the table,” Bisnow CEO Will Friend said. “Today that is no longer the case. Great people have the power to make good businesses outstanding, and I expect them both to positively impact the Bisnow client experience, today and tomorrow.”

Here are five things you need to know about our new Texas hires: 

They each spent some time in the service industry

Cox worked in restaurants as a teenager before going on to the University of Houston, where he earned a degree in restaurant management. When he graduated, he managed a high-end Mexican restaurant in Houston. Cox eventually realized the business was not for him but he learned a lot in the process, including what to look for when hiring a team. 

Schell also began her career in food service. She worked at a burger joint and a pizza shop as a teenager in Yonkers, New York, and even spent some time as a manager at Bed Bath & Beyond. The experiences helped her develop a lifelong passion for customer service. 

“When you treat your customers right, everything else just falls into place,” she said. 

They are passionate about the future of commercial real estate 

Schell fell in love with the fast-paced and innovative nature of the industry while working as an advertising representative at the HBJ commercial real estate desk. The industry has the power to transform a city, she said. 

For Cox, it is all about relationship building. 

“In real estate, you can make introductions that become skylines,” he said. “It’s really fascinating to think about.”

They both have families (and dogs)

Schell and Cox each have two children at home, but their pets are also important members of their families. Cox is the proud owner of a 7-year-old black lab, and Schell has three rescue dogs. 

They are both athletes 

Cox is an avid runner, and enjoys fishing and golfing in his free time. Schell also spends her fair share of time outside. She coached and played soccer for years, and spent a summer playing in soccer tournaments in England. Her focus has since shifted to other sports.

“I was a New York Mets fan until we moved to Houston,” she said. “Now I’m a full-blown Astros fan.” 

They have big plans for Bisnow

The Southwest has some of the U.S.’ most active real estate markets, and Cox and Schell believe they are well-positioned to grow Bisnow and continue to push the industry forward. 

“I am looking forward to working with a smart team to identify new markets and execute on our ambitions and our customer-centric philosophy,” Cox said. “I can’t wait to get started.”