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Beyond The Bio: Skanska Regional Vendor Diversity Manager Tiffany Peay

This series profiles men and women in commercial real estate who have profoundly transformed our neighborhoods and reshaped our cities, businesses and lifestyles.

When she's not searching for the best way to recruit and attract a more diverse base of construction vendors, Skanska Texas Regional Vendor Diversity Manager Tiffany Peay is spending time with her daughter and giving back to the community through local charity work. 

A change-agent in the construction field, Peay plays an active role in making the workforce around her one that is collaborative, innovative and inspired. 

Tiffany Peay (right) poses with a Skanska colleague at a construction site in Nashville.

Bisnow: What is your favorite part of your job?

Peay: I love the people factor, internally and externally. Experiencing diversity in thought, background and experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to exercise my voice to improve the experience of others. Working for Skanska has definitely provided me with this opportunity.

Bisnow: What is the worst job you ever had? 

Peay: Working as a revenue officer with the IRS for small businesses. I learned a lot about business structure, do’s and don’ts with financing a business, but no one ever wanted to see me coming.

Bisnow: If you weren’t in commercial real estate, what would you do?

Peay: I would probably be an advocate or lobbyist in support of special education in our public school system.

Bisnow: What deal are you proudest of?

Peay: A project where I was able to bring in a minority-owned company where one had never been utilized. The power of being first is not for bragging rights, but to change the atmosphere and status quo.

Bisnow: What deal do you consider to be your biggest failure?

Peay: I wouldn’t say one deal or project in particular, but my biggest regrets are around missed opportunities. Don’t be afraid to take the chance or share the idea.

Bisnow: What is your biggest pet peeve?  

Peay: A person that is unreliable or disloyal. As a team you have to be able to count on each other and follow through.

Bisnow: What is your greatest extravagance?  

Peay: I absolutely love shoes and own way too many! Particularly pumps. The right pair adds a certain finesse to your stride.

Bisnow: What motivates you?

Peay: The ability to drive change, and I’m an example for my daughter.

Bisnow: What advice do you wish you got when you started in CRE?

Peay: Take a deep breath and always remember the end goal, and that it’s OK to take a different route than originally planned as long as you keep your eyes set on the destination.

Bisnow: What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?  

Peay: Quitting a job where I was miserable without having another one lined up when I was the only source of income. It was scary, but to be at your best, [you] must be unyielding with self-care and preservation.

Tiffany Peay with her daughter, Maya.

Bisnow: What keeps you up at night?

Peay: Ha! I’m raising an almost teenager, but also ideas of continuing to move the needle with diversity and top the latest milestone. Oh, and what did I forget to do earlier that I can’t remember?

Bisnow: What is your favorite place to visit?  

Peay: Florence and Rome, Italy. The architecture, the food, and I’m a history nerd.

Bisnow: Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?  

Peay: Time with my family. It is to be cherished, and my volunteer work in the community. I’ve been very fortunate, and it is my duty to give back.

Bisnow: What CRE trend do you think will have the most impact over the next few years?  

Peay: More lifestyle-based office space. Skanska’s most recent development of the Bank of America Tower [in Downtown Houston] offers a variety of spaces for employees to work comfortably and encourages the social aspect with understory that is sometimes missed in the more traditional buildings.

Bisnow: What would people be surprised to learn about you?  

Peay: I love four-wheeling. I’m a city girl with a little bit of country.

Bisnow: What do you want your legacy to be?

Peay: I was a woman of integrity that used her position of influence to improve what is to what should be.