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Who is CREW Dallas' Outstanding Achievement Award Winner?

Dallas-Fort Worth

It's Bradford Commercial Realty SVP Leigh Richter, a self-proclaimed deal junkie who lives, eats, and breathes transactions. She was presented with the CREW Dallas Outstanding Achievement Award last night at the Belo Mansion. It was the 30th anniversary of the award's inception, which is the highest award and recognition given each year to a CREW Dallas member. That's Brenda (center) with the Bradford team. The other three finalists for the honor were B&J Financial Services CEO Brenda Blake, LYNOUS Talent Management principal Julie Brand Lynch, and The LaSalle Group CFO Brenda Brantley.


We caught up with four of the past OAA winners: Deloitte & Touche director Lorraine Teel ('07), Hall Financial Group general counsel and VP Laurie Biddle Arnold ('12), Hall Financial Group director of leasing Kim Butler ('93), and Forged Angel Investments managing member Debbie MacDonald ('92). 


When trying to round up 30 years' worth of OAA winners, it's hard to get that many power women pinned down for a snapshot, but here are17. Among the winners over the years: Vicky Gunning, Laurie, Diane Paddison, Ka Cotter, Marilyn Acheson, Lorraine, Michele Wheeler, Katie Berg, Eugenia Canakes Robbins, Beth Lambert-Saul, Diane Butler, Sharon Herrin, Pat Stanton, Trisha Ewert, Karla Peterson, Eliza Solendar, Liz Trocchio Smith, Norma Lea Beasley, Irene Hosford, Kim, Debbie, Deborah Atkins, Talynn Otsuki, Suzanne Holland, Susan Gwin Burks, Kathy Price Wilke, Judy Taylor, Frances Cowden, and Myrna Nichols. If you only counted 29 winners listed, you're right—there was no award given in 2009.