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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Cowboys Stadium

You know the adage, as goes South Africa, so goes Texas? No? Jerry World, aka Cowboys Stadium could host the World Cup. (We snapped this pic Nov. 1 after the Cowboys rocked the Seahawks.) The USA Bid Committee picked 18 cities, including Dallas, in the official bid to FIFA to host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. FIFA will render its selection Dec. 2. Among the criteria: market size, geographical location, climate, existing hotel space, transportation, availability of adequate training sites, distances between facilities,diversity, and ability to provide a unique fan experience. After watching a football—not futbol— game there, Bisnow gives the Death Star two thumbs up.

Texas Stadium

Now’s an appropriate time to remind you the old Texas Stadium will be imploded on April 11 (something to the team has unwillingly done a few times over its 37 years there). The Weir Brothers were awarded a $5.8M contract to carry out the implosion plan outlined by Jacobs Engineering. The Texas Department of Transportation signed a $15.4M lease from Irving for the next 10 years to use the site as a staging area for area road and light rail  construction projects. The implosion will be sponsored by Kraft (seriously), calling it: a Macaroni & Cheese Cheddar Explosion.