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George Clooney To Become Dallas Broker?

Dallas-Fort Worth
George Clooney  To Become  Dallas Broker?
Yes, we use headlines to get your attention. While there's no TV doctor in this issue, there are medical buildings. An while there's no classically handsome stars, there are classic cars. One of Big D’s top mechanical contractors, Fort Worth-based SkiHi President Richard Skipper, hunts classic cars and wild game like he tracks big construction projects.
Bob Stodgihill and SkiHi President Richard Skipper near a 1956 Corvette

We snapped this of Richard, right, with his 1956 Chevy (and EVP Bob Stodgihill, year unknown) in the sprawling garage at his office. Since around 1990, he’s been collecting Corvettes and street rods. But, he saves his greatest ingenuity for projects like the $16M, 24-month HVAC and plumbing addition for the Cook Children’s $250M, 553k SF medical center expansion, which will add 40% to its current footprint, a project he started before his upcoming Canadian musk ox hunt in April.

Cook Children’s Hospital

SkiHi did the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC for the hospital’s last major expansion (The Pavilion), and the latest is one of the first BIM jobs SkiHi has done with GC Linbeck and engineering firm, Smith, Seckman, Reid. Bob tells us the biggest challenge has been working with incomplete drawings as part of a fast track design assist. But he’s faced bigger challenges, like the open sea: Bob recently returned from the Virgin Islands where he captained a 58’ power yacht with his wife and three other couples.

George Clooney  To Become  Dallas Broker?

When complete in 2011, the Neonatal ICU, additional family amenities, and a five-story medical office building housing all 18 outpatient specialties will be added.