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Dallas-Ft. Worth
When you put HUD, EPA, and DOT reps in one room, you, of course, run the risk of a gang fight. North Central Texas Council of Governments took that risk yesterday because you also get a lot of good chatter about sustainable transportation.
FWHA's Kirk Fauver
The Federal Highway Administration's Kirk Fauver highlighted some of his favorite sustainable methods, starting with hybrid vehicles. He also noted Austin's CarShare program, with 159 autos people can rent by the hour. Kirk praises cities which enhance opportunities for bicycling and walking: “It reduces carbon emissions and promotes healthier lifestyles, but they’re often overlooked in planning."
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NTCOG Sustainable Transportation summit participants.
Kirk says that after World War II (we assume this isn't a first-hand anecdote), residential sprawl created a more automobile dependent society. However, smart growth and land use tools  can mitigate that. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Arlington are some of the fastest growing cities in the US, but he thinks they're developing too far out and not enough in.
FHWA's Shana Baker
Shana Baker (another FHWA team member) says the partnership of the three federal agencies is a commitment to coordinate programs in six livability principles: provide more transportation choices; promote equitable, affordable housing; enhance economic competitiveness; support existing communities; leverage investment; and value communities and neighborhoods.
FTA's Don Koski
Federal Transportation Administration Region 6 community planner Don Koski says the FTA has always been about livability: "All segments deserve safe access  to transportation. Transit provides that critical link connecting people to housing, medical, schools, shopping, and other essential activities."
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