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Dallas-Fort Worth
Fort Worth construction management firm, Linbeck, jumped to the head of the technology line on its latest project using BIM (aka,Building Information Modeling, but you knew that). According to the coolest-named BIM manager we know, Linbeck’s South Cole, BIM provides information access to all sub-contractors on a job.
Linbeck’s South Cole using a Smart Board

Information is at South’s fingertips, literally, using BIM. Here with a Smart Board, design conflicts can be displayed to find a solution during weekly meetings with subs, designers and others. It’s more of a social interaction than a technical advancement, he added. Despite looking like John Madden  analyzing a blitz on a telestrator, he denies ever yelling “boom” when he found a glitch in the model.

Linbeck's Sean Ashcroft and South Cole

Outside the Linbeck trailers on the Cook Children’s construction site, PE Sean Ashcroft and South enjoyed the 70-degree temps and sunny weather after a very Seattle-like few weeks. Having lived in Cincinnati and Seattle, South is accustomed to the rainy weather but acknowledged the sunshine is better for his mountain biking. Sean better enjoy it while he can, though, as he’s heading up to chilly Michigan with the family for Thanksgiving.