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Dallas-Fort Worth
Robert Grunnah, Lily Chang, David Mack and Ben Chien
Henry S. Miller execs conducted a CRE version of summer school for a group of Chinese UTA-EMBA executives. HSMB Investments prez Robert Grunnah with VP Lily Chang and associate Ben Chien(surrounding UTA EMBA program assistant dean David Mack) acted as the teachers. Someone hide the rulers, so there won't be any knuckle-rapping. Robert tells us the company's been involved in international real estate trading for years but has really felt the enormous effect of the Internet on global investment business.
Chinese UTA-EMBA execs with HSM execs
HSM execs arranged a property tour of their most successful assets including shopping center investment opportunities and led the students in a Q&A session. Lily tells us the MBA execs are entrepreneurial business leaders from China interested in American culture and how they can integrate their business into ours. Robert says many of these participants will look to Texas to establish permanent outposts  for manufacturing, distribution, and investment.
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