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Dallas Housing Authority Joins Houston, Austin In P3 Redevelopment Efforts

Little Mexico affordable housing in Dallas

The Dallas Housing Authority is seeking private partners to extend its public housing dollars.

As part of its five-year redevelopment plan, DHA is looking for private partners on seven locations: Brooks Manor, Park Manor, Cliff Manor, Cedar Springs Place and Little Mexico, plus vacant parcels off Cedar Springs and Rhoads Terrace.

"This isn't something that will happen overnight," DHA President Troy Broussard told the Dallas Morning News. "We have identified several land holdings we have control of that are part of our five-year plan for redevelopment."

The effort is intended to expand Dallas' affordable housing stock. City officials say Dallas has a 20,000-unit shortage of affordable homes and apartments, and market-rate housing is being built twice as fast as housing for low-income residents who are making substantially below median income, according to a report in May on CBS 11.

Other Texas cities have already gone this route. Austin City Council recently approved upzoning in East Austin with the understanding the developer would refurbish Chalmers Courts, some of the first public housing in the country. The Houston Housing Authority pursued the Housing Choice Voucher, which used housing authority subsidies to keep low-income residents in market-rate housing.

The properties DHA has put up for potential public-private partnerships total 650 units and 146 acres, according to the Dallas Morning News. Any funds generated by the deals will be used to add additional affordable housing.