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Affordable Housing Community Opens In Benbrook

Boston Heights rendering

OM Housing just opened the first LEED Gold Certified affordable housing community in Benbrook. Dallas-Fort Worth suffers from a dearth of affordable housing and has for a while. Dallas gets most of the attention for lacking affordable housing, but Fort Worth has its share of issues with affordability too. The new development, Boston Heights, is opening at a prime time to address an underserved asset class.

Utilizing a number of housing tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and financing from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dougherty Mortgage and PNC Real Estate built the 144-unit, 156K SF community roughly 10 miles southwest of Downtown Fort Worth.

“Developing eco-friendly communities is something OM Housing prides itself on. We believe in providing healthier conditions and reducing our footprint, which ultimately results in lower utility costs for the working-class residents of Boston Heights,” OM Housing President and CEO Deepak Sulakhe said in a statement.

The project cost roughly $27M and KWA Construction finished building the community in November.