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This Week's Bike Commuter Challenge


In honor of Chicago’s Bike Commuter Challenge this week, we talked to JLL EVP and sustainability whiz Bob Best. He's been biking to work for four years and logs 25 miles/day commuting from Evanston to the city (he's at 6,000 miles/year). In addition to being the greenest transit modek, biking encourages employee fitness, an important part of productivity that companies are paying attention to, Bob says. He’s able to commute by bike because JLL’s HQ’d in the Aon Center, which has bike storage, lockers, and shower facilities, and he’s noticed office landlords considering those amenities (the LEED points are a bonus). After all, sustainability isn’t just about MEP systems; it includes the health and well being of those inside the building (all of which affect the bottom line). Do you commute via bike? We wanna hear from you:

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