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Ice Bucket Challenge: Marc Realty Residential and Baum Realty

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Your Chicago reporter nominated Marc Realty Residential's David Ruttenberg for the Ice Bucket Challenge to strike out ALS, and MRR stepped up in a big way. In addition to generously donating $1,000 to the cause (!!), David, Andy Ahitow, and Justin Elliott sent in this video of themselves completing the challenge. Their nominees: Atlas Real Estate Partners' Arvind Chary; Dream Town's Colin Hebson; South Street Capital's Matt Garrison; JDI Realty's Jeff Aeder; CAF Construction Group's Adam Walz; LG Development Group's Brian Goldberg; and Marc Realty's Jerry Nudo, Larry Weiner, Elliot Weiner, and Stephen Friedman. You all have 24 hours to send a video of yourself completing the challenge (dumping a bucket of ice water on your head) and/or donate to the ALS Association. We'll post everyone's videos here. Some pointers:

  • If you're not YouTube inclined, just email the video to and we'll take care of the rest.
  • We suggest nominating three commercial real estate folks outside of your firm to spread the love.
  • We'll help notify the nominees to ensure they're aware and their ice makers are full.
  • Good luck to all. Let's #StrikeOutALS!

Here's another awesome CRE Ice Bucket Challenge video from Baum Realty Group's Mike Demetriou. He raised the stakes by allowing each Baum employee that donated $25 to dump ice water on his head, raising a tidy sum. Mike nominates his coworkers: Nicole Cardot and David Baum. We have our eyes on you two. Follow the instructions above and send your videos to!