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App For The Multifamily Trend


The term “There’s an app for that” now applies to mobile interaction with your landlord. Mobile Doorman allows tenants to make rent payments, schedule maintenance and work orders, and simply contact management through the place where we all live now: our smartphones. Here are founders Bob Matteson, Nick Carmen (sales director), Graham Gilbert and Brian Samson, who tell us that each app is white-labeled: Individually tailored to each specific property for branding and marketing, making it a personal and unique experience for each tenant. The app (available for both iPhone and Android) eliminates the website portal (so ‘90s), and the agony of leaving voicemail for your landlord (good luck with that). Also included is a community board function, especially good for Millennials who are spending more time socializing in lobbies and courtyards than in their apartments (sure beats the crowded corkboard bulletin board in the rental office). Mobile Doorman’s additional purpose is to appeal to the growing generation of tech-loving renters, keeping the lines of communication with management open, before problems and resentments mount. The current focus is on midsized and large properties, but 2016 will be seeing some mom-and-pops differentiate themselves from their competition with this modern wonder. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.