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The Medical Home Model

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Everyone's talking about how medical providers are feeling the financial pinch—and this has a significant impact on real estate. That's why we're excited to be holding a special Healthcare Summit later this month to discuss how this affects you. For one, it means a shift to outpatient care (where volume will grow 20%-plus in the next decade, versus 6.5% for inpatient volume), says HSA PrimeCare president John Wilson, one of our panelists. This high-efficiency team approach is being realized with the medical home model, an integrative solution that’s changing how healthcare real estate is configured. This means primary care and specialists within the same space, streamlined through-put, a common check-in area, and separate exam room entrances for doctor and patient (so you’re not walking through a clinical office), John says. (So you can take your kid out of school one day a year and he can see every doctor.)


And space is just a piece of it. The challenge will be getting healthcare providers to buy into the model over the next few years, he tells us. On the development front, John’s seeing more new projects on the table, most outpatient, from hospital systems across the Midwest. HSA PrimeCare just opened a 12k SF clinic in Lowell, Ind., and a 15k SF ambulatory surgical center (above) in Vernon Hills. They’ll soon start a 30k SF administrative building on the Silver Cross Hospital campus in New Lenox. John expects continued consolidation from healthcare providers, like Northwestern and Cadence’s recent merger. He also recently finished and recommends Fresh Medicine by former Tennessee governor Phil Bredeson, an interesting read for industry folks on what’s wrong with healthcare today and some practical solutions to fix it. Get your event tix here.