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Pullman Transportation Plan Calls For Better Public Transit, Bike Lanes, Divvy

The Pullman Clock Tower

With Pullman now on the radar of developers and investors, a new transportation plan hopes to continue the forward momentum, reduce commute times and tie together the residential and commercial development activity with the Pullman National Monument.

The Pullman Transportation Plan, sourced in part with suggestions from residents and community groups, calls for improving the connectivity of the area's original factory town through modern transportation alternatives. The study concludes that increased train service to Pullman via the Metra Electric Line, upgrades to the stations the line serves, and more direct bus service to the 95th Street Red Line station would benefit local businesses, residents and visitors. Bike lanes and Divvy stations would reduce motor vehicle congestion and better connect the monument to the surrounding neighborhood.

Expanding Divvy to Pullman would be a breakthrough for Chicago's bike-sharing service. Divvy stations only extend as far south as 87th Street. The Pullman Transportation plan identifies new bike lanes on Cottage Grove Avenue, from 95th to 111th streets, as a priority, and would unlock Divvy to serve the Far South Side.

The plan also proposes improved wayfinding between public transit and the Pullman monument, including better signage along major expressways and streets, bike lanes and Metra stations. New landscaping to make the area more enticing is also being considered.