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Top Power Lunch Spots in Chicago: Part 2

    Top Power Lunch Spots in Chicago: Part 2

    This is it. This is the final round of negotiations to close that deal for your shopping center. Here’s Part 2 of our handy guide of where to take your client to lunch in Chicago. (View Part 1 here.)

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    6. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

    Restaurant: Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

    Address: 60 E Grand Ave, River North

    Signature: Perfect for winter, it’s like a brief vacation to Miami, where you’ll find the original Joe’s. Inside you’ll find warm woods, top-shelf service and even better eats.

    Also known for: The stone crab, of course. But since that’s a very work intensive meal and you may be deep in deal talk, consider steak or salmon, followed by some refreshing Key lime pie.

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    7. NoMI

    Restaurant: NoMI

    Address: 800 N Michigan Ave, Mag Mile

    Signature: Inside the Park Hyatt, NoMI Kitchen, Lounge and Garden has a setting for each phase of your business lunch. Grab a lunchtime martini at the lounge, soak it up with some handcut tagliatelle in the restaurant, then head out to the gorgeous rooftop garden for coffee.

    Also known for: Can’t say enough about the garden. It’s a great way to impress an out-of-towner.

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    8. RL

    Restaurant: RL

    Address: 115 E Chicago Ave, Gold Coast

    Signature: Where business meets the socialite set. It’s Ralph Lauren’s restaurant and décor doesn’t disappoint, offering a clubhouse feel that emanates high-end without the stuffiness.

    Also known for: After you finish the flawless Hollywood-style Cobb salad or decadent Chicken Hash, buy yourself a treat at the world’s largest Polo store next door with your latest commission.

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    9. Rosebud Prime

    Restaurant: Rosebud Prime

    Address: 1 S Dearborn St, Loop

    Signature: A luxurious vibe, conveniently located in the center of the Loop, where you’re surrounded by titans of industry and financial heavyweights.

    Also known for: Classic, well-executed preparations of steak, seafood and chops. Staff know the goal is to close the deal and they focus on service and efficiency.

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    10. Yolk

    Restaurant: Yolk

    Address: 747 N Wells St, River North

    Signature: An unpretentious, breakfast-centric atmosphere long favored by the tech elite. Nobody will overhear your whispered efforts to court a tech tenant for your loft office building.

    Also known for: An impressively ambitious expansion plan. Yolk recently opened in Dallas and other Chicago locations include Streeterville, West Loop, South Loop and Lakeview.