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The Clybourn Corridor Development Race Gets Tighter


Convexity Properties, which has been busy in Streeterville and the Gold Coast, is setting its sights on Clybourn. The Don Wilson-owned company recently bought two buildings on Clybourn, near Cortland and Clifton, to go with a third building Convexity already owns up the street.

Given all the rumblings about relaxing PMD zoning status in the Clybourn Corridor, people are wondering what Wilson's planning. Structured Development's Mike Drew, who knows a thing or two about building on Clybourn, believes Wilson may redevelop the assets into a mixed-use, office and retail play, Crain's reports.

Whatever Wilson has planned for the buildings, it only adds to the activity and speculation in the market near the Finkl Steel site. Shapack Partners bought a 90k SF building at 2065 N Southport last December and will convert it into loft offices. And, of course, we can't forget Sterling Bay's to-be-revealed plans for the Finkl site. [Crain's]