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4 Year-Round Tips For Creating Your Property's Best First Impression

Beauty is not just on the inside.

Property owners’ primary goal is to maximize the value of their investments. Attracting and retaining tenants is of utmost importance, and prospective tenants' first impression is immediately formed by viewing the building's outside. Property managers are keenly aware that the structure and entire property grounds need year-round upkeep and maintenance.

Bisnow spoke with Beverly Companies regional manager Don Kerwin about the expansion of the Chicago-based company’s services and its value-add tips for building owners and property managers.

The following are the four most important services managers should maintain year-round.

1. Topsoil


Before construction of a new building can begin, the existing topsoil needs to be excavated and sometimes removed. Beverly Cos. has become a leading source by operating multiple topsoil pulverizing plants throughout the area. After the topsoil is stockpiled, it is then screened and pulverized, and can even be enhanced with organic materials, before it is shipped via truck, to be used by homeowners, nurseries and road projects.

2. Landscaping — Design, Build And Maintain


Professional landscaping is a fundamental requirement of all commercial properties that boast great curb appeal. A good landscape design followed by a properly formulated maintenance program is essential and, more times than not, expected by tenants and their neighbors. Good landscaping enables even multifamily and commercial developments in the heart of New York City or Chicago to maintain green space and natural balance amid a concrete jungle.

625 West Adams is an example of how green space can add value and comfort to a property; it benefits from its own outdoor spaces as well as Heritage Park directly across the street.

“Obviously, landscaping entails making the property look great,” Beverly Cos. general manager Tom Marsan said. “But this requires extensive consideration and planning on the part of property managers as to what specifically makes the building look good while remaining within the constraints of the budget.”

3. Pavement Solutions


Pavement maintenance is an item on the property management checklist that often gets overlooked. Asphalt pavement will eventually begin to degenerate, with potholes and cracks forming. A proper maintenance schedule, such as crack sealing, sealcoating and repaving, can greatly expand the life of the concrete outside your building. Pavement maintenance is a vital step toward maintaining your property’s health, safety and value.

4. Snow And Ice Management


Responsible, quality snow and ice management is extremely important to ensure the safety of all tenants and their guests. Beverly Cos. houses a fleet of plow trucks, skid steers, wheel loaders and specially designed salting equipment. It monitors the weather so it can maintain properties before, during and after a snow or ice storm. Beverly Cos.' communication systems allow building owners and managers to know when services are performed, enabling them to manage their buildings while it manages the snow.

Whether pre-construction or regular maintenance, Beverly Cos. shares the same goals with the real estate companies it services — to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment, inside and especially outside.

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