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Are the Wrigley Renovations Worth The Headaches?


Rowdy block parties, crowded sidewalks, unfinished construction projects, visitors trashing your lawn and taking all the parking spots; are the Chicago Cubs Lakeview's worst neighbors? Referring to the North Side's baseball team and its dedicated fans as "the giant frat house you wish would go away," a Crain's editorial decries the misfortunes plaguing the Cubs’ large-scale stadium renovation and its surrounding home base, Wrigleyville. With winter construction delays, faulty bathroom plumbing on Opening Day, and noise complaints from residents as far as two miles from the stadium, the Cubs might have a lot to make up for this season, both on and off the field. Neighbors are hoping the millions of dollars the Cubs are dedicating toward neighborhood improvements, including a potential hotel and entertainment and shopping center, will be worth it. [Crain’s