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What's the Matter with Kids Today?

What's the Matter  with Kids Today?
Housing style changes with every generation, and this one is no exception, says Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit's Jordan Shifrin. As the younger generation chooses to rent or put down  larger down payments  on housing, condo associations will have to decide what to do with their unsold stock. That's where Jordan can help.
Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit's Jordan Kofrin
Here in his Buffalo Grove office, Jordan recently won the Business Ledger's Lifetime Achievement Award for entrepreneurial business. He and his colleagues represent more than 5,000 condo and homeowners associations from Racine to Will County, and from Elgin to the Indiana border. Since the housing bubble burst, his business has changed. Now, instead of defending the association against the owners who don't want to pay for an assessment, he's often helping decide what to do with unsold or foreclosed units  within communities.
Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit's Jordan Shifrin
While every case is different, he will sometimes recommend owners convert condos into apartments (possibly for later conversion back). Jordan started his law firm—one of just a handful of that do such work in Chicago—30 years ago  and has since expanded to include a collections division for his clients and third-party businesses. In his free time, Jordan is a mentor at the John Marshall Law School. If you're booking a meeting with Jordan, we recommend having it at his office. Meeting anywhere else would deprive you of a chance to see his collection of hundreds of war figurines.