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Wait 'til Next Olympics

Wait 'til Next Olympics
What just happened? Despite the news, real estaters put on their best face. After all, a victory party without a victory, is still a party.
Daley Plaza

Daley Plaza filled up around 9am, as Chicagoans anxiously awaited the chance to see if they could beat out Rio de Janiero.

Daley Plaza

And many stuck around after the announcement. (Chicago fell with just 18 of 94 votes.) Transwestern's Jonathan Goldman was at the Burnham Nationwide party overlooking the plaza and says he was shocked, but hopes some of the plans will still be used. (Let's start with the beach volleyball courts and go from there.)

At the ASA's Build 2016 party at the Renaissance O'Hare, Tishman Construction's Jeff Adams and Horcher Construction's William Misik

At the ASA's Build 2016 party at the Renaissance O'Hare, Tishman Construction's Jeff Adams and Horcher Construction's William Misik commiserated, but agreed that the nature of the Chicago construction industry is to pull together and move on. Jeff compared it to the number of bids contractors commit money and effort to and never get. (Except that this is a really, really big bid)

Ken Soltis & Associates' Ken Soltis and Admiral Heating and Ventilation's Bruce Litt
Ken Soltis & Associates' Ken Soltis  and Admiral Heating and Ventilation's Bruce Litt were still sad, but coping. ?It would have been a really great opportunity to build,? Ken said.
Liquidated Damages: John Buck Company's Mike Moravek, Secretary of State's Gene Kilty, and Leopardo's Mark Fenton and Dan Ulbricht.

The crowd, sparse as it was, also enjoyed a somewhat shortened performance from Liquidated Damages: John Buck Company's Mike Moravek, Secretary of State's Gene Kilty, and Leopardo's Mark Fenton and Dan Ulbricht. Dan still thinks Chicago is one of the greatest city's in the world.