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The Writing On the Wall

The Writing On the Wall
Skyline design's Christine Mekhitarian
At NeoCon, we caught Skyline Design's Christine Mekhitarian doing something our mom always yelled at us for. But with Skyline's new Kid Glass, it's OK to draw on the walls. The washable, durable glass comes in patterns from animals to writing rules to mustaches and is popular for waiting rooms in doctors offices or elementary schools. Skyline makes a magnetic grown-up version of the glass for offices, designed by Suzanne Tick. The company won a gold award (Best Architectural Material) for the Kid Glass.
Wikhahn ergonomic chair
NeoCon's Best of Show award went to Wilkhahn' s new ergonomic chair. Exhibitors demonstrated the product, which took five years to develop and build in Germany. The chair moves in all directions with the body, and can be adjusted for back height and ease of motion. The chair uses no glue, so it can be taken apart efficiently if a company needs to move spaces. List prices start at $600. (We know this sounds like a sales pitch, but honestly, if someone spends five years  on an item that serves the same function as an upside-down cardboard box, it's our duty to learn more about it.)
MRSA's Kristen Ward and Mark Schaefer
MRSA's  Kristen Ward and Mark Schaefer  were showing off their new SmartBook at BuildEx, NeoCon's new architectural and GC section. The software allows property managers to upload their floor plans and complete them with pictures of items that may need maintenance (fire alarms, boilers, light fixtures, etc.). Each pic can be linked to the product's website or owners manual for easy fixes.