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The Latest Fling

The Latest Fling
Shannon Rovers
It was a perfect evening recently for the 24th annual Spring Fling, held each year in downtown Chicago by the John Buck Co and this year benefiting the Noble Network of Charter Schools. Bisnow was there, enjoying the food, drinks and live music—including a fine set by the Shannon Rovers of Chicago, an Irish bagpipe band.
Bisnow (schmooze) MCHI
Karl Heitman, Paul Heitman
We caught up with renowned Chicago architect Karl Heitman (right) with his son Paul, who also works at Heitman Architects. Karl tells us that the firm's projects include expanding industrial space users, such as a major facility for Geneva, Ill.-based Flavors of North America, which designs and produces flavors for many of the world's largest food, beverage, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical companies.
Edson Burton, Marianne Rivera, Julie Hirschfeld
It's a busy season for Chicago Title as well, with (some) companies looking to get all their CRE paperwork in order ahead of the end of their fiscal years. Here's SVP Edson Burton, who heads the commercial administration unit of the company's national business group, along with National Real Estate Investor's Marianne Rivera and Chicago Title assistant VP Julie Hirschfeld.
Mike Flanagan, Shayne Gavrick, Leslie Luehmann
And we're always glad to run into Bisnow sponsor LifeStart; we snapped prez Mike Flanagan with LifeStart's Shayne Gavrick and Leslie Luehmann. Mike tells us the company, which specializes in corporate health and fitness programs, is expanding into new markets; non-Chicago-area locations include Cleveland, New Orleans, and Phoenix.