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Steve Speaks

Steve Speaks
Steve Quazzo
Transwestern Investment Corp co-founder Steve Quazzo avoided speaking in public for a while last year until the sale of Transwestern Securities was finalized last week. He started the company in conjunction with Transwestern Property Co in the '90s, using the backing of the fee management company to build a name and raise a $100M fund in his first year after working with Sam Zell. Steve, who has spent much of the last two years de-levering the $4B in gross assets he bought from 2005 to 2007, encouraged YREPers to network well and focus on finding a niche they're good at.
Entrust IRA Administration's Daniel Hanlon and Greenfield Partners' Sarah Broderick
We snapped Entrust IRA Administration's Daniel Hanlon and Greenfield Partners' Sarah Broderick at the luncheon. Sarah's firm is working on investing a fund with a deadline at the end of 2011. They're looking at all different kinds of properties nationwide.