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Spenders and Builders

Spenders and Builders
CDOT's Tom Powers

Yesterday,  the American Subcontractors Association  also talked about public investment, at its breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Rosemont. CDOT's Tom Powers discussed new projects receiving federal funds, including the 99-year-old Halsted Bridge over the north branch of the canal, which will include a space for the Riverwalk. In total, $86M in stimulus will reach local roadways and transit projects; Tom says he plans to divide it up  to accommodate as much as possible. One potentially cool project: A new  Pink and Green Line stop at Morgan and Lake Streets.

JADE Carpentry's Jim DeAngelo and Steve Domin, flanking Anagnos Door Co.'s Allison Benyon
JADE Carpentry's Jim DeAngelo  and Steve Domin, flanking Anagnos Door Co.'s Allison Benyon  came to find out how they could get airport, roadway and school improvement projects. Steve said he's most excited about the public investment the Olympics might bring for Chicago subcontractors.