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MRSA's Mark Schaefer
MRSA's Mark Schaefer says when his father worked on the architecture of the Sears (are we really going to call it Willis) Tower, property managers kept floorplan and leasing info in giant three-ring binders. Mark's new technology, smartBook, is a website that allows them to keep all of that info, plus owners' manuals for HVAC equipment, fire evacuation routes, and more on one website.
smartBook is already in use for 30M-SF of buildings in Chicago, including the Sears and Loyola University. But at last month's BOMA National Trade Show, Mark introduced the service to other markets throughout the country. Since it allows anyone with a password to access building information, Mark is hoping it'll be useful to companies with larger portfolios, or university or hospital campuses that might have several buildings to manage.

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