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Chad Firsel, Norman Li, Jordan Kaufman
It's been more than a year and a half since we first told you about Quantum Real Estate Advisors, the real estate investment sales team headed by Chad Firsel. The group has moved its office (downtown to 79 W Monroe, where we took this line-up shot) and hired two new members: Jordan Kaufman (right) who came on board about a year ago and Norman Li (middle), who joined Friday. But more importantly, they've closed seven deals in the last 60 days, split between triple-net leased building sales and opportunistic value-add buys.
Everyone's noticed that net-lease sales are picking up, Chad says— they're the best investment for individuals or groups who might be looking at everything from stocks to bonds to treasuries. The draws: safety, transparency, and yield. A net-leased property—like the CVS Pharmacies in Barrington and Wheaton and the 11k SF Walgreens in Wheaton that Quantom just sold to a NY investor—are almost guaranteed to get returns. Over the past year, Quantum has sold assets in eight states to investors from 12 states and two countries. Looks like its goal of becoming a nationwide company is panning out