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Positive CREW

WASHINGTON DC 09.14.2017


Exclusive Bisnow Cocktail Hour to Follow Panels!

Jane Cafritz -- Calvin Cafritz Enterprises
Steve Schwat -- Urban Investment Partners (UIP)
Nina Albert -- Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
Positive CREW

Yesterday, members of CREW took an optimistic look during their luncheon with a panel called ?Opportunities in Inopportune Times.?  Also on the menu at East Bank Club: chicken (not ham).

Positive CREW

Bond Cos. Robert Bond, Navigant Consulting?s Jim Farrell, W.E. O?Neil Construction's Joanna Haerle, and JDI Realty's Rob Weil, with moderator Jeanne Peck  of Fifield Cos. Jim says don't watch the traditional economic indicators to figure out if business is up; just look at the sales of two major companies: If Wal-Mart  sales are going up and Starbucks  sales are going down, we're still in a recession, he said. Robert forecasts it will be 2013 before the country recovers from job losses. (Thanks to Lynn Renee Photography  for being quick with the camera shutter on these two photos.)

Positive CREW

Photo courtesy of Lynn Renee Photography


Chicago Economic Development Institute?s Nina Fain  greets Lamp, Inc?s Emily Portugal  and Lisa Schultz.  Networking was one of the skills touched upon by Joanna Haerle during the panel, adding ?We're using this down time to teach our people new skills like how to use Building Information  Modeling and to get LEED-AP Certified,? Haerle said. Rob says now is the time to learn to be of the most value, rather than just being a commodity.