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Out in Front

Out in Front
Together again with two former partners from Hilco (the company he founded), Mitch Kahn plans an aggressive start for 3-month-old Frontline Real Estate Partners. With Josh Joseph and  Matt Darin, Mitch plans to buy properties and notes, and consult nationwide on restructured and distressed assets.
Frontline Real Estate's Matt Darin, Josh Joseph and Mitch Kahn
Already Frontline has several active engagements. Mitch is currently the Chief Restructuring Officer  for Wextrust, a ponzi scheme that raised in excess of $300 million from investors. The firm also is assisting Opus Northwest explore strategic alternatives and restructure its debts. Josh and Matt are the bankruptcy court-approved real estate advisors hired to sell 122 properties in the Bulk Petroleum Chapter 11 bankruptcy in conjunction with Hilco Real Estate. Together, the team has sold or restructured more than $1B between their current and their former positions at Hilco. With lots of chances to buy distressed assets, Frontline is waiting for credit to loosen up so they can start acquiring even more.
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Frontline's Mitch Kahn, Josh Joseph and Matt Darin
Mitch got into the restructuring biz after leaving his job as an attorney to work as real estate head for SportMart. Josh and Matt have spent most of their careers  buying and selling distressed assets. Mitch thinks with a  small, nimble team of experts, Frontline will soon be one of the top players in the industry. In the near future, Josh predicts retail sector woes will continue until traditional shopping centers can find tenants to replace major players that have gone by the wayside, like  Circuit City  and Linens N' Things.