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No Need to Come Into the Office

No Need to Come Into the Office
Intelli-building's Bob Pauli and Guy Greco
Intelli-building's Bob Pauli, here with colleague Guy Greco, has helped create a system of building controls that managers can access remotely from their laptop to adjust the building systems. Bob tells us he can create a unique interface for each building, so the manager can quickly fix any broken or energy-wasting units. He's currently working on installing the system at The Green Exchange, one of the city's first LEED-certified warehouse/office spaces designed to keep emerging eco-friendly businesses. He's installed hundreds of these systems throughout the country and is working oneight more buildings in the city. Bob says the best candidates for intelli-building systems are those with older pneumatic and electrical systems that waste a lot of energy. The costs vary and have a payback of about three years in energy savings, Bob tells us.
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