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New Model

New Model
New Model

Baxter's Terry Kreplin and Columbian Model and Exhibit Works's Catherine Tinker  and Bill Bauman were the faces behind the Chicago Architecture Foundation's new Model City we showed you on Tuesday. The model was officially unveiled at a cocktail reception last night, complete with a lighting fixture that makes it appear as if the sun is setting over the city. Catherine pulled an all-nighter completing the three-inch thick proposal she submitted to CAF, and Baxter allowed Terry to create the model using Stereolithography, a technique that uses UV rays to solidify plastic, without charging CAF for his services. Catherine used four different architectural records to make sure the 50 feet to 1 inch scale model was correct. All those tiny architectural details are now even tinier!

New Model
CAF's Susan Ross and Columbia College's Alicia Berg check out the Water Tower area on CAF's new model city. Alicia used to be involved in city planning, so she was excited to see how the last decade of development was reflected in the model. A plan she was working on about five years ago for the downtown is going to the planning commission  for approval soon, so she says now is a good time to make a modelafter one major re-planning and before another. In the 100th Anniversary of the Burnham Plan, maybe it's time we got something new.
WASHINGTON DC 08.16.2017


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