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Natural Disasters: Are You Ready?

Natural Disasters: Are You Ready?
Forsythe's Michael Croy, second from left (with RE/MAX Commercial's Michael Lunn, Premises Group LLC's Robert Rourke and National Realty Network's Peter Petrouski at Carlucci's in Rosemont

Yesterday's  CCIM luncheon at Carlucci's in Rosemont featured Forsythe's Michael Croy, second from left (with RE/MAX Commercial's Michael Lunn, Premises Group LLC's Robert Rourke and National Realty Network's Peter Petrouski), sharing wisdom on continuity planning. He cited the scholar Yoda: "Do or do not, there is no try." Translation: make plans for what to do if your tenants experienced a natural disaster or security issue, and get it right. He recommended hiring a third party or advising your tenants hire one.

Transwestern's June Garby, SomerCor 504 Inc.'s Raymond Graves, and Trandai Realty's Ann Trandai

Transwestern's June Garby, SomerCor 504 Inc's Raymond Graves, and Trandai Realty's Ann Trandai chatted about the markets. Ann recently sold a $900k  apartment building in Skokie; all cash. She likes the 12-unit structure because of its location and rising rents in the Chicago area.