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Multifamily Monday

Multifamily Monday
Stateway Gardens, just south of 35th Street along State, was torn down in phases three years ago as part of the Chicago Housing Authority's CHAnges Program. Now design firm VOA is working with the Davis Group and Stateway Development to build 2,300 new units on the site.
VOA's Stephen Siegle and Bill Ketcham
In the works: The Park Boulevard phase II-A, an 80-unit mixed-income building at 3622 S. State. VOA's Stephen Siegle and Bill Ketcham designed the building and have more than 100 units in the pipeline for two more buildings just to the south. Stephen created the master plan for the new Park Boulevard in just two days last year after the original plan, which included more for-sale housing, was scrapped. There's already 159 condos  on the site, but the buildings currently in development are all rental and require 30% of the units to be subsidized housing, 30% to be affordable, and 30% to be market rate, all indistinguishable inside, Bill says.
Multifamily Monday
The buildings formerly on the site were long, boxy, concrete structures lining the highway, but Stephen and Bill planned the new building with  bay windows that break up the architecture on the outside and provide a little extra space on the inside. The units are 15% bigger than required by CHA standards and the buildings will include social spaces, like rooftop recreation areas with vegetation, outdoor grills and picnic tables, which satisfy the  IHDA  and Chicago Green Homes requirements. Its first resident: Speed Racer.