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Meet the General Contractors

Meet the General Contractors
Skender Construction's Ed Salgado, Damon Eallonardo, and Joe Pecoraro at Venuti's

The Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates hosted a ?Meet the General Contractors? dinner last night at Venuti's in Addison. Skender Construction's Ed SalgadoDamon Eallonardo, and Joe Pecoraro were talking about their skilled assisted living project in Countryside and a church in Aurora. Way to rock the suburbs!

Mutual Sales Corp's Galen Heidrich, Walsh Construction's Tim O'Brien, and G.M.Sloan's Dan Kotel at Venuti's

Mutual Sales Corp's Galen Heidrich, Walsh Construction's Tim O'Brien, and G.M.Sloan's Dan Kotel talked shop. Dan?s working on carpeting and tiling for Fort Sheridan just north of Chicago. The fort was originally built as a military base to get people back to work during the Great Depression, Dan says, so now it's right back to its original use.