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MB Shows Off New Office

MB Shows Off New Office
MBRES Office Starbuck's area
What a difference eight floors makes: MB Real Estate Services recently relocated its Chicago HQ from the 39th to the 47th  floor at 181 W. Madison. It added a high-tech, 21st century feel in the process, so we gladly played with all the toys. A staff favorite is the Starbucks area, a casual meeting space with  dry-erase cubicle walls that will one day house a flat screen TV (what, you thought that wall bracket was for folders?). Employees are already noticing the open environment  allowing more shared energy...and places to throw a football.
MB Shows Off New Office
MBRES' Danny Nikitas showed off his corner office, complete with skateboards and an electric guitar, which he uses to jam with office mates to help get  creative flow going. Danny's office is just down the hall from the project services department, which has three empty offices for its rapidly growing staff.
MBRES lunchroom
MBRES' new breakroom is another highlight of the 17,700 SF space: two microwaves, full-size dishwasher, granite countertops, and a 25-cent soda machine. The firm moved out of its old space when its 20-year lease  expired. The new floor is smaller, but more efficient, giving the company room to grow, says MBRES' Dan Peter.
Bear Construction's Scott Kurinsky, Ted Moudis Associates' Diana Pisone and MBRES' David Graff,
We ran into the design and construction team: Bear Construction's Scott Kurinsky, Ted Moudis Associates' Diana Pisone, MBRES'David Graff, along with the camera-shy  Dan Aboutar, were happy to hear that after two weeks, MBRES still loves the space (let's hope that love lasts another 20 years). David's team is currently working on about  300M SF of construction around Chicago and New York.