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Legendary Lunch

Legendary Lunch
It wasn't just epic portions that drew CoreNet members to Maggiano's on Thursday. Mesirow Stein's Richard Stein, Golub & Co.'s Gene Golub, and Beitler Real Estate's Paul Beitler were talking about what they know best: naming a company after yourself legendary developments.
Gene Golub and Paul Beitler
CoreNet uses those chairs every month, but beneath Gene and Paul, they seem even more regal. Paul first became a developer at the suggestion of Goldie Wolfe, when he was working at Rubloff in the '80s. To get his foot in the door, Paul asked Rubloff developer  Lee Miglin if he could work with him every day, even resorting to covering his office walls in refrigerator paper and painting “Beitler Developer Work Now” on it. Paul and Richard say they always thought of Gene as a “wildcatter,” developing dynamic projects like 180 N. LaSalle and being the first American developer in Warsaw. (Important note: "wildcatter" is not the inverse of a cougar.)
Standard Parking's Marilyn Brooks has worked for both Gene and Paul. Golub's Teresa Mancuso and Mary Ellen Smith
Standard Parking's Marilyn Brooks has worked for both Gene and Paul. Golub's Teresa Mancuso and Mary Ellen Smith joined her for lunch to see their company founder speak. The panelists advised the next gen of developers to get out and buy something. Richard says the close-knit nature as well as the competitiveness of developers in the  '70s and '80s helped develop some great buildings in Chicago.